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I have an OSM map and I'm using leafletjs.

I have created my custom popup for marker. It it works fine and correctly.

marker.bindPopup(strMsg,{className: 'myPopup'});

This code works perfectly.

Now, I want to create a the same popup, but clicking on Multilopygon. The data for the polygon comes from geoJSON. This is the code I wrote for this issue

var c_park = L.geoJson(data[i].geom, {
            style: myStyle
           c_park.bindPopup("strMsg",{className: 'myPopup'});

The problem is myPopup class is not working for the popup of multipolygon and as a result I get the native popup window. If I manually change the class in browser - it is ok.

I tried different methods. F.e. using function onEachFeature to init popups. But nothing works.

Does anybody knows what is the problem ?

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Does anybody knows what is the problem ?

There is no problem. ClassName is supported for markers as an option of L.icon. (docs).

Polygon inherits the options of polyline and path, which do not include ClassName (docs).

The way I see it you have two possibilities:

  1. fork leaflet and add the className option to polygon
  2. make a subclass inheriting polygon taking className as an option by overloading bindPopup
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Thanks. I solved my issue by overloading css classes inside leaflet.css –  Mykyta Karpyshyn Jun 11 '13 at 10:52
That's a good idea! (I think I'm going to use it in my project :) ) –  LSA Jun 11 '13 at 11:59

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