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I am not able to figure out why the else part is not getting executed:

opendir (DIR_03, "$dir_01"."/"."$dir_02"."/"."$file");
foreach my $anr_file (@ANR) { 
    if( $anr_file ne "traces.txt" || 
        $anr_file ne "traces_system.txt" || 
        $anr_file ne "traces_SystemServer_WDT.txt") {
    } else {
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You should work on improving your indentation. –  TLP Jun 10 '13 at 16:34
FYI, "$dir_01"."/"."$dir_02"."/"."$file" is better written "$dir_01/$dir_02/$file". –  TLP Jun 10 '13 at 18:33

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if($anr_file ne "traces.txt" || $anr_file ne "traces_system.txt" || $anr_file ne "traces_SystemServer_WDT.txt")
if($anr_file ne "traces.txt" && $anr_file ne "traces_system.txt" && $anr_file ne "traces_SystemServer_WDT.txt")

General rule: Not-equal - or - combinations almost always are wrong.

(Here if one ne is false (equality), the others are guanteed to be true, hence all is true; always.)

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and (from the example given anyway), it's probably more readably written as if ($anr_file eq "traces.txt" || $anr_file eq "traces_system.txt" || $anr_file eq "traces_SystemServer_WDT.txt") { # file found... } else { # file not found } –  plusplus Jun 10 '13 at 15:42
...and if not found, shouldn't it proceed to the next file in the directory rather than return, breaking out of the loop? The whole thing looks a little confused –  plusplus Jun 10 '13 at 15:43

It will always be true because you are using not equals with or.

Simplify it to files a, b, and c and look at the logic.

If the query $file = 'a' and you have

if ($file ne 'a' || $file ne 'b' || $file ne 'c') {...}

you have

if (false || true || true) {...}

Which is always true, for any value of $file. Try changing your logic to eq, and changing the contents of the if-else blocks accordingly.

   if($anr_file eq "traces.txt" || $anr_file eq "traces_system.txt" || $anr_file eq "traces_SystemServer_WDT.txt")
     # Found it!
     # Not Found
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 if($anr_file ne "traces.txt" || $anr_file ne "traces_system.txt" ...

is almost certainly not what you want. If $anr_file equals traces.txt then it doesn't equal traces_system.txt, and so your first clause will always resolve to true.

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