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Is there a more readable way to test if delivery_status is one of three strings?

if ["partial", "successful", "unsuccessful"].include? delivery_status

Here's what I'd really like, but it doesn't work:

if delivery_status == ("partial" or "successful" or "unsuccessful")
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That's a great idea @tokland about object.in? –  Mark Robinson Jun 10 '13 at 21:58

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While I would not advise this, you can do it anyway:

def String
  def is_one_of?(array)

And then:

if delivery_status.is_one_of?([...])

But there is a much better solution: use case (if possible in your situation):

case delivery_status
when 'partial', 'successful', 'unsuccessful'
  #stuff happens here
when ... #other conditions
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if %w[partial successful unsuccessful].include? delivery_status
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It's not intuitive, but using the Regexp engine can speed these tests up:

STATES = ["partial", "successful", "unsuccessful"]
regex = /\b(?:#{ Regexp.union(STATES).source })\b/i
=> /\b(?:partial|successful|unsuccessful)\b/i

delivery_status = 'this is partial'
=> true

delivery_status = 'that was successful'
=> true

delivery_status = 'Yoda says, "unsuccessful that was not."'
=> true

delivery_status = 'foo bar'
=> false

If I'm not searching a string for the word, I'll use a hash for a lookup:

STATES = %w[partial successful unsuccessful].each_with_object({}) { |s, h| h[s] = true }
=> {"partial"=>true, "successful"=>true, "unsuccessful"=>true}
=> true
=> nil

Or use:

=> false

If you want a value besides true/nil/false:

STATES = %w[partial successful unsuccessful].each_with_index.with_object({}) { |(s, i), h| h[s] = i }
=> {"partial"=>0, "successful"=>1, "unsuccessful"=>2}

That'll give you 0, 1, 2 or nil.

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I ended up doing something similar to @Linuxios's suggestion

class String
  def is_one_of(*these)
    these.include? self

  def is_not_one_of(*these)
    these.include? self ? false : true

This allows me to write:

if delivery_status.is_one_of "partial", "successful", "unsuccessful"
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Hi @Mark. Note that usually the OP updates the question instead of creating his own answer. –  tokland Jun 10 '13 at 16:49
Thanks @tokland this felt like more than just a little addendum. I was providing an answer to my own question so I added it as an answer. –  Mark Robinson Jun 10 '13 at 21:56

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