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I'm trying use knockout.js' computed observables to setup C#-like properties on a model. I want observable to only accept valid values. Simplified example:

function Model()
    var a = 100;
    var b = 200;

    var $ = this;
    this.a = ko.computed({
        read: function(){return a},
        write: function(value){
            var newval = parseFloat(value, 10);
            if(newval < 1000) 
                a = newval;

    this.b = ko.observable(b);

Writing to a hover does not update the bindings. Is it possible to enable changing a as if it were a regular member of the Model but with extra functionality attached?

I know I can use second observable to contain the actual value and rely on it's update mechanism, but this approach becomes cumbersome quickly with increasing number of computed properties of this kind.

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Computed observable is not suitable for your example, since a computed observable is a function that should depend on one or more other observables.

You can instead use extenders to achieve this. Here's a fiddle with a demo.

ko.extenders.maxNumber = function(target, option) {
    var result = ko.computed({
        read: target,
        write: function(value){
            var newval = parseFloat(value, 10);
            if (newval < option) {
            } else {
                alert('Number is to big');


    return result;

function Model() {
    var a = 100;
    this.a = ko.observable(a).extend({ maxNumber: 1000 });
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