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My database config class file is bellow


pard_config is a folder which is in the root folder.

And i have a json file which contain,host name,database,user and password details


How would i include Config.json file to the Config.php file without reading it from the root.For now i'm doing it like bellow



Config.json and the config.php files are in the same folder.So is there any way to read from that class folder like bellow ???


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I would advice you to use a relative path and use the __DIR__ constant:

include(__DIR__ . '/config.json');

note that paths will be resolved from the script which where called in browser (or command line) .. like index.php. Therefore it will suite better in many cases to use a relative path.

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the best solution on shared servers is to establish your directory pointer in all public executable files - chmod ends in 1,5 or 7 - these are the files that are accessed directly by users who visit your site. Begin each php top-level executable file with a directory pointer to your desired public root directory using chdir("../") or chdir("../../") etc. depending on the level your top-level executable is in your file structure. Once your base directory (doesn't have to be the root directory) is established, all included "x.php" type files and other reference files you use can be written in reference to your directory pointer. This was my solution for publishing php sites on shared servers. It works great; minimal programming and every include and every reference in the top-level php file and all includes in that (those) files is simply in reference to my established directory pointer, established by chdir("../")

--best advice from the head programmer at http://www.yad1.org

also note that this solution minimizes the burden on your server because it maintains the same directory pointer throughout your executable file and does not make any variable requests from the server that might initiate server scripts.

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