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I need to create a GUI in Matlab that enables me to draw graphs interactively, and the give values to the edges and vertices.

I then need to return these values (x, y, value) for edges and (x1, y1, x2, y2, value) for vertices.

Unfortunately I don't even know where to start. I created a gui that lets me draw lines interactively, with 2 different methods, but I don't know how to continue. Please help.

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Can you post what you have tried and failed to accomplish? We aren't here to solve your homework for you, but to nudge you in the right direction. Demonstrating effort on your own is crucial. –  Bill Gregg Jun 10 '13 at 17:09

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You can always handle mouse events to enable interactive drawing. I spent some time on this and came up with the following GUI.

function interactive_graph_gui
    % data
    showLabels = false;   % flag to determine whether to show node labels
    prevIdx = [];         % keeps track of 1st node clicked in creating edges
    selectIdx = [];       % used to highlight node selected in listbox
    pts = zeros(0,2);     % x/y coordinates of vertices
    adj = sparse([]);     % sparse adjacency matrix (undirected)

    % create GUI
    h = initGUI();

    function h = initGUI()
        h.fig = figure('Name','Interactive Graph', 'Resize','off');
        h.ax = axes('Parent',h.fig, 'ButtonDownFcn',@onMouseDown, ...
            'XLim',[0 1], 'YLim',[0 1], 'XTick',[], 'YTick',[], 'Box','on', ...
            'Units','pixels', 'Position',[160 20 380 380]);

        h.list = uicontrol('Style','listbox', 'Parent',h.fig, 'String',{}, ...
            'Min',1, 'Max',1, 'Value',1, ...
            'Position',[20 80 130 320], 'Callback',@onSelect);
        uicontrol('Style','pushbutton', 'Parent',h.fig, 'String','Clear', ...
            'Position',[20 20 60 20], 'Callback',@onClear);
        uicontrol('Style','pushbutton', 'Parent',h.fig, 'String','Export', ...
            'Position',[90 20 60 20], 'Callback',@onExport);
        uicontrol('Style','pushbutton', 'Parent',h.fig, 'String','Delete', ...
            'Position',[50 50 60 20], 'Callback',@onDelete);

        h.cmenu = uicontextmenu('Parent',h.fig);
        h.menu = uimenu(h.cmenu, 'Label','Show labels', 'Checked','off', ...
        set(h.list, 'UIContextMenu',h.cmenu)

        h.pts = line(NaN, NaN, 'Parent',h.ax, 'HitTest','off', ...
            'Marker','o', 'MarkerSize',10, 'MarkerFaceColor','b', ...
        h.selected = line(NaN, NaN, 'Parent',h.ax, 'HitTest','off', ...
            'Marker','o', 'MarkerSize',10, 'MarkerFaceColor','y', ...
        h.prev = line(NaN, NaN, 'Parent',h.ax, 'HitTest','off', ...
            'Marker','o', 'MarkerSize',20, 'Color','r', ...
            'LineStyle','none', 'LineWidth',2);
        h.edges = line(NaN, NaN, 'Parent',h.ax, 'HitTest','off', ...
            'LineWidth',2, 'Color','g');
        h.txt = [];


    function onMouseDown(~,~)
        % get location of mouse click (in data coordinates)
        p = get(h.ax, 'CurrentPoint');

        % determine whether normal left click was used or otherwise
        if strcmpi(get(h.fig,'SelectionType'), 'Normal')
            % add a new node
            pts(end+1,:) = p(1,1:2);
            adj(end+1,end+1) = 0;
            % add a new edge (requires at least 2 nodes)
            if size(pts,1) < 2, return; end

            % hit test (find node closest to click location: euclidean distnce)
            [dst,idx] = min(sum(bsxfun(@minus, pts, p(1,1:2)).^2,2));
            if sqrt(dst) > 0.025, return; end

            if isempty(prevIdx)
                % starting node (requires a second click to finish)
                prevIdx = idx;
                % add the new edge
                adj(prevIdx,idx) = 1;
                prevIdx = [];

        % update GUI
        selectIdx = [];

    function onDelete(~,~)
        % check that list of nodes is not empty
        if isempty(pts), return; end

        % delete selected node
        idx = get(h.list, 'Value');        
        pts(idx,:) = [];
        adj(:,idx) = [];
        adj(idx,:) = [];

        % clear previous selections
        if prevIdx == idx
            prevIdx = [];
        selectIdx = [];

        % update GUI
        set(h.list, 'Value',max(min(idx,size(pts,1)),1))

    function onClear(~,~)
        % reset everything
        prevIdx = [];
        selectIdx = [];
        pts = zeros(0,2);
        adj = sparse([]);

        % update GUI
        set(h.list, 'Value',1)

    function onExport(~,~)
        % export nodes and adjacency matrix to base workspace
        assignin('base', 'adj',(adj+adj')>0)  % make it symmetric
        assignin('base', 'xy',pts)

    function onSelect(~,~)
        % update index of currently selected node
        selectIdx = get(h.list, 'Value');

    function onCMenu(~,~)
        % flip state
        showLabels = ~showLabels;

    function redraw()
        % edges
        p = nan(3*nnz(adj),2);
        [i,j] = find(adj);
        p(1:3:end,:) = pts(i,:);
        p(2:3:end,:) = pts(j,:);
        set(h.edges, 'XData',p(:,1), 'YData',p(:,2))

        % nodes
        set(h.pts, 'XData',pts(:,1), 'YData',pts(:,2))
        set(h.prev, 'XData',pts(prevIdx,1), 'YData',pts(prevIdx,2))
        set(h.selected, 'XData',pts(selectIdx,1), 'YData',pts(selectIdx,2))

        % list of nodes
        set(h.list, 'String',num2str(pts,'(%.3f,%.3f)'))

        % node labels
        if ishghandle(h.txt), delete(h.txt); end
        if showLabels
            set(h.menu, 'Checked','on')
            h.txt = text(pts(:,1)+0.01, pts(:,2)+0.01, ...
                num2str((1:size(pts,1))'), ...
                'HitTest','off', 'FontSize',8, ...
                'VerticalAlign','bottom', 'HorizontalAlign','left');
            set(h.menu, 'Checked','off')

        % force refresh



It all boils down to handling the ButtonDownFcn callback of the axis object, and querying the location of the last mouse click using the CurrentPoint property.

Here is a list of the possible ways to interact with the GUI:

  • left-click inside the axis to create vertices
  • right-click on two nodes to create an edge
  • use the listbox to select and highlight nodes. Use the "delete" button to remove the selected vertex.
  • The "clear" button resets everything
  • The "export" button create two variables in the base workspace containing the vertices 2D coordinates (N-by-2 matrix) and the edges (as a sparse N-by-N matrix). You can use those variables with other graph functions as usual:

    gplot(adj, xy, 'b.-')
  • Finally you can right click on the listbox. This will bring up a popup menu, containing the option to display labels for the vertices.

You can extend the above code to assign values to vertices. For example you could use the callback function of the listbox to assign values to vertices (display an input dialog when the user selects an item from the list). You could also use the same technique shown of handling the ButtonDownFcn callback. Similarly you could create a second listbox to display the edges and handle the assignment of values in the same manner... I will that part to you :)

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It looks great on these pics thank you. I just have an error after I placed the elements to the gui, just like you did, and pasting the code to the m file of the gui. It gives me error on this line function onMouseDown(~,~) on the ~ signs. –  geryjuhasz Jun 17 '13 at 18:32
@geryjuhasz: you probably have an older MATLAB version. ~ is used to ignore variables, so in your case just replace it with a dummy variable: stackoverflow.com/q/747296/97160 –  Amro Jun 17 '13 at 18:59
got it. I am upgrading now and have a check in the new version. Thank you! –  geryjuhasz Jun 17 '13 at 20:14
@geryjuhasz: While I do advice you to upgrade to newer versions if you have access, this is minor issue easily solved, and it shouldnt stop you for trying the code in your current version :) –  Amro Jun 17 '13 at 20:49
Thats working perfectly, thanks. Im now trying to extend to assign values to edges and vertices. Thank`s a lot! –  geryjuhasz Jun 18 '13 at 16:51

If you want to use the mouse to draw interactively you can use the function ginput. Here there is the manual. I found very useful also this example.

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Thank for the anwser. I am currently using this: axis([0 10 0 10]) hold on % Initially, the list of points is empty. xy = []; n = 0; % Loop, picking up the points. disp('Left mouse button picks points.') disp('Right mouse button picks last point.') but = 1; while but == 1 [xi,yi,but] = ginput(1); plot(xi,yi,'ro') n = n+1; xy(:,n) = [xi;yi]; end % Interpolate with a spline curve and finer spacing. t = 1:n; ts = 1: 0.1: n; %xys = spline(t,xy,ts); line(xy(1,:), xy(2,:)) % Plot the interpolated curve. %plot(xys(1,:),xys(2,:),'b-'); hold off –  geryjuhasz Jun 11 '13 at 13:05

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