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I have set up some text in a textView to explain the commands that the app responds to but the code gets formated (flattened) no matter what i type for gravity. The text is supposed to look like this :

Commands and functions:

  • "left"- Sets tv gravity to left and changes text.
  • "right"- Sets tv gravity to right and changes text.
  • "center"- Sets tv gravity to center and changes text.
  • "blue"- sets tColor to BLUE.
  • "reset"- resets all tv properties to default
  • "WTF"- randomises tSize and tColour

But instead turns out like this :

enter image description here

And here is my code(TextView is in a linear layout) :

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Remove the line android:gravity="center", and for the text string that you input, you should use the character "\n" to make a newline instead of Enter. For example, the string "This is line 1 \n This is line two" will give you output

This is line 1
This is line two
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What you can do is declare the text in the string.xml file like this and you will be able to use html tags to make a list and keep the format :

<string name="tvTextPlayExplain">
<p>Commands and functions:</p><br/>
<li>"left"- Sets tv gravity to left and changes text.</li>
.... and so on
<li>"WTF"- randomises tSize and tColour</li>

and then use :

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