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i want to copy a file to system32 folder using a batch file. but when i try to do this it says "Access denied" i also can not copy anything to my C:\ drive also. i tried using xcopy and copy to do this. i don't know what is the parameter to get the administrator permission. so, can anyone help me?


@echo off  
xcopy abc.dll "C:\Windows\System32\" -y  


Access denied  
Press any key to continue . . .  
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You are doing something that is not permitted for security reasons. Why are you trying to do it? –  Bill_Stewart Jun 10 '13 at 18:38

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Should be doable one of two ways.

The first is to make a shortcut to your batch file, right click -> properties and on the Shortcut tab of the properties, click the Advanced button to find a checkable "run as admin" option.

The second (NOT TESTED) is to add a bunch of stuff to the top of your batch file (Reference) - I don't want to include it in the answer because I have not tested it.

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yes it worked. the second one also worked. –  p2013 Jun 12 '13 at 8:04
@echo off  
copy /Y abc.dll "C:\Windows\System32\"  

right click the batch file and run as administrator and make sure the abc.dll is in the same folder as your batch file.

hope this helps.

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