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I am getting 403 response from Facebook groups api,

here is my call, POST URL: parameters: access_token=XXXX&message=This+is+test

I am using cURL to make my requests.

As I tested it GET requests seems to be working fine. Also, I have following permissions for my access token,

create_note export_stream manage_pages photo_upload publish_actions publish_stream read_requests read_stream share_item status_update user_activities user_groups user_likes user_status video_upload

This is weird. Please help me out here.

Also I tried posting link and it returned following error, { "error": { "message": "(#200) Feed story publishing is disabled for this application.", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 200 } }

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Are you able post to me/feed? – 林果皞 Jun 11 '13 at 8:18
no.. thats not working too.. btw, i figured it out. its due to new fb policy, my app was blocked and I had to appeal to get it back working... Thanks for the reply! – trackpopular Jun 12 '13 at 16:20

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