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I'm trying to get boost::asio work.

I've built the boost with command

bjam toolset=gcc --build-type=complete --with-system --with-thre
ad --with-date_time --with-regex --with-serialization stage

My libboost_system file is called libboost_system-mgw47-1_53.dll. So I tried to compile an example program with command (tried both with slashes and back-slashes)

mingw32-g++ -ID:/boost_1_53_0 -LD:/boost_1_53_0/bin.v2/libs
main.cpp -libboost_system-mgw47-1_53

But I continue getting an error

ld.exe: cannot find -libboost_system-mgw47-1_53

The library file is present: D:\boost_1_53_0\bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.7.2\release\libboost_system-mgw47-1_53.dll. What I'm doing wrong? I tell the compiler where to look for binaries. Why can't it find them?

P.S. building on a x64 Win7 with mingw 4.7

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I believe you need to use mingw32-g++ -ID:/boost_1_53_0 -LD:/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib main.cpp -lboost_system-mgw47-1_53. – jv_ Jun 11 '13 at 15:16
@cv_and_he thanks for an answer! I did not know all the built binaries are stored in this folder! In fact my problem was that I did not know the -L option does not scan child folders. After changing to -LD:\boost_1_53_0\bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.7.2\release the compiler did found the library. But your solutions seems to be much more better. Thank you. You could probably post an answer, so I can accept it. Thank you! – Kolyunya Jun 11 '13 at 18:05
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You need to use:

mingw32-g++ -ID:/boost_1_53_0 -LD:/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib main.cpp -lboost_system-mgw47-1_53
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The linker could not find the library file because -L option does not search files in child directories.

One of the possible solutions was to specify the complete path to the library directory -LD:\boost_1_53_0\bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.7.2\release.

The other - to specify the full path to the library file itself D:\boost_1_53_0\bin.v2\libs\system\build\gcc-mingw-4.7.2\release\libboost_system-mgw47-1_53.dll. No -libboost_system-mgw47-1_53 is needed in this case.

And the most correct one was written by @cv_and_he

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