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i have a css file that I want to put in my layout. in the web.config file I wrote:

<location path="App_themes/default.css">
                <allow users="*"/>

and in the layout.cshtml I wrote:

        h2 {



but it doesn't recognize the line: @styles.render what should I do?

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See Styles.Render in MVC4.

You need to read-up on Bundling and Minification to get a clear picture of what is going on, but one thing is for certain the @Styles.Render("~/App_Themes/css") call should be done outside of the context of the <style/> tag.

<style> h2 { color: red; } </style>
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pleas run project in iis project / right Click/ properties/ web/ use local IIS web server

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Put @Styles.Render("~/App_Themes/css") inside the head element on your layout page (_Layout.cshtml)

Put the style h2 { color: red; } in your style sheet that lives in theApp_Themes/css subfolder.

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