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I'm using Bot::BasicBot to make a simple irc bot in perl. How do I check if a given user is a channel operator when receiving a message? The user that sent the message is $message->{who}, but how can I check the operator status of that user?

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Takes a channel names as a parameter, and returns a hash of hashes. The keys are the nicknames in the channel, the values are hashes containing the keys "voice" and "op", indicating whether these users are voiced or opped in the channel.

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Thanks! Looking at it now, I see that there is POE::Component::IRC::State object underlying it, which I can get with pocoirc. I think what I will do is use $bot->pocoirc->is_operator($message->{who}). –  Tobi Hahn Jun 10 '13 at 22:42

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