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I have created a code for explain my problem in jsfiddle - here is the link for that http://jsfiddle.net/nxjohny/ULEDk/11/ and the corresponding code:

<input id="input_1" type="text" maxlength="8">
<input id="input_2" type="text" maxlength="2">
<input id="hidden" type="hidden" />
<input id="hidden_2" type="hidden" />
<div id="demo">  PFFUU  </div>

function selectNextInput(e){
        if(e.val().length != 2){

    function setNextFocus(){

        var dec = function(){

1 solution: If Click on the id="demo" div the focus will be set on the second div.

2 solution: If the first inputfield fulfill the statement on keyup(content lenght == x), the focus will be set on the second input field with a triggered mouseup event and handled elsewhere.

The problem is as the follows: In the 1st solution the soft keyboard won't disappear on iOS devices. The soft keyboard will disappear on iOS with the 2nd solution. I tried the second solution on my iphone and the soft keyboard disappeared :(

I would like to achieve with the 2nd solution the same as the 1st solution does ON iOS.

Summarization: ( what i would like to do | pseudo) if(condition) //length of the input then setFocusNext fi

And the most important part - the soft keyboard will be shown after the focus change.

Is it possible to solve this problem?

Any comment would be welcome!

Best regards

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I think a solution is to blur() and then re-focus() in order to get rid of the keyboard.

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