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We show a RadWindow from within a RadAjaxPanel. We would like to have a button inside the RadWindow which does some work, closes the RadWindow and finally, has to do a full (parent) page post back.

Is it possible at all? When we tried to accomplish this, the button was doing async postback and does not even close RadWindow.

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Here are details on using a RadWindow with AJAX: If your button is not inside such update panels/RadAjaxPanels/AjaxSettings it will perform a full postback which will close the RadWindow in the process (see here on opening it from the server without having it re-show).

Now, if you are loading an entire page in your RadWindow this button should call a JavaScript function on that page, and this function will access the main page and will initiate the postback. See how to create these functions here: A postback can be initiated in many ways, e.g. the __doPostBack() function, $get('myButtonClientID').click(), etc.

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