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I am attempting to use NPM in an environment behind a corporate firewall. Said firewall intercepts all https traffic and signs it with its' own CA... Is there a way to "trust" this CA so that NPM can actually work?

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I realize that this may be more appropriate to another StackExchange site, but given it is specific to a particular development platform, I felt this was a more appropriate place. –  Tracker1 Jun 10 '13 at 22:09

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Found the solution... (Ignoring SSL Certs)

npm config -g set strict-ssl false

Thanks to this thread in google groups.

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Warning: I believe this solution causes npm to accept ANY certificate. It would be better if there was an option to tell npm to trust only a specific certificate. –  Scott Marchant May 12 at 20:59
@ScottMarchant fair enough.. or for that matter, being able to add the internal CA chain... that said, the solution above works in the given environment. I had the same problems with git, and some other, similar issues in the end. –  Tracker1 Jun 2 at 18:06

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