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I would like to apply the "find_all_by..." method to records that have already been retrieved by User.all. Is this possible? At this point I am getting an "undefined method `find_all_by_type" error:

rows = User.all
rows.each do |r|
  result = rows.find_all_by_type(r.type)
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Once the records are loaded, you can use any Enumerable method on the collection. What you're looking for here is select:

rows = User.all
rows.each do |r|
  result = rows.select {|row| row.type == r.type}

Although I do wonder what you're actually trying to do here. If this is pseudocode or a simplified example, then you can probably apply my code above. You may be better off with this though:

rows = User.all.group_by(&:type)
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Perfect Jim. The above is pseudo. I am actually looping through each record to determine how many users have the same 'type'. With 1 mill records, a SQL solution would probably be much faster... –  Jackson Henley Jun 10 '13 at 23:54
"Amen" on the SQL solution to that one –  David Aldridge Jun 11 '13 at 18:05
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