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This code from Dart worries me:

bool get isTemplate => tagName == 'TEMPLATE' || _isAttributeTemplate;

  void _ensureTemplate() {
    if (!isTemplate) {
      throw new UnsupportedError('$this is not a template.');

Does this mean that the only way I can modify my document is to make it html5?

What if I want to modify an html4 document and set innerHtml in a div, how do I achieve this?

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I am assuming you are asking about the code in dart:html Element?

The method you are referring to is only called by the library itself, and only in methods where isTemplate has to be true, for example this one. If you follow this link, you can also read what other fields/methods work like this.

innerHtml is a field in every subclass of Element which supports it, for example DivElement


DivElement myDiv1 = new DivElement();
myDiv1.innerHtml = "<p>I am a DIV!</p>";
query("#some_div_id").innerHtml = "<p>Hey, me too!</p>";
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