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Hi I have finished a game on unity but i need it to build it for flash and each time i try i get this error after the export.

Fatal Error : Error: Error #1000: The system is out of memory.
    at flash.utils::ByteArray/set length()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/sbrk()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/malloc()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN21UnityDefaultAllocatorI17LowLevelAllocatorE8AllocateEji()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN13MemoryManager8AllocateEji10MemLabelIdiPKci()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_Z15malloc_internalji10MemLabelIdiPKci()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN9Texture2D8TransferI18StreamedBinaryReadILb0EEEEvRT_()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN9Texture2D23VirtualRedirectTransferER18StreamedBinaryReadILb0EE()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN14SerializedFile10ReadObjectEli18ObjectCreationModebPP8TypeTreePbPP6Object()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN17PersistentManager26LoadFileCompletelyThreadedERKSsPlS2_ibP12LoadProgress()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN21PreloadLevelOperation7PerformEv()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/_ZN14PreloadManager26UpdatePreloadingSingleStepEb()
    at com.unity::UnityNative$/NativeExt_LoadFirstLevel()
    at com.unity::UnityContentInternal/loadFirstLevel()
    at com.unity::UnityContent/onFrameInitStep()

Do any one knows how can i find where am i eating all the memory?

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Maybe this thread is helpful: forum.unity3d.com/threads/117164-Fatal-Error-null – Jan Thomä Jun 11 '13 at 8:43
yes thank you. I have read it, before i was just getting Fatal Error : null and in that thread i see how to get more info about the error – Luca8a Jun 11 '13 at 14:23
for any one with same problem. I solve it by deleting all textures and build, then add one by one and build until i got the error and found witch texture was the problem. – Luca8a Jun 18 '13 at 23:38

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