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I'm trying to shrink the size of my python exe file, I've been looking around but I can't seem to find a good answer for removing extra modules. At the moment, I'm discovering that it's deleting modules I need instead of the ones I'm telling it to. The documentation is rather unhelpful and neither are examples I've found so far.

My spec file:

a = Analysis(['D:\\<path>\\<scriptName>.py'],

pyz = PYZ(a.pure)
exe = EXE(pyz,
      a.datas + [('data/Sounds/Cycle.wav', 'D:\\<path>\\data\\Sounds\\Cycle.wav','DATA'),
       ('data/Sounds/Hold.wav', 'D:\\<path>\\data\\Sounds\\Hold.wav','DATA'),
       ('data/Sounds/Timer.wav', 'D:\\<path>\\data\\Sounds\\Timer.wav','DATA'),
       ('data/Sounds/Warn.wav', 'D:\\<path>\\data\\Sounds\\Warn.wav','DATA'),
      name=os.path.join('dist', 'timer.exe'),
      console=True )

Now, I want to start excluding things, but there doesn't seem to be a very explanation of how to exclude things.

These are things I had excluded when using py2exe:

'win32', 'unittest', _ssl, 'python25.dll', 'w9xpopen.exe', 'wx'
'python25.dll', 'API*', 'KERNALBASE.dll', 'DEVOBJ.dll','CRMGR32.dll',
'POWERPROF.dll', 'msvcm90.dll', 'msvcp90.dll', 'msvcr90.dll'

Though if I add any of these into the a.binaries as

a.binaries -[('wx')],

it deletes the PyQt4.dll files instead. Same holds true for the others. I do not follow that logic. I would think, at the very least, if it couldn't find them in the first place it would just skip over them instead of deleting other things.

py2exe makes me a 26mb files + three files (exe,, and w9xpopen.exe) pyInstaller makes me an 11mb file, and one file.

I feel I can make it smaller, but this excludes thing is confusing me. It straight up ignores the msv dll files and puts them in anyway.

Using Python 2.7, PyQt4 4.9.x

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I think this is a duplicate, or at least very similar to, this problem that I answered recently: Python: Excluding Modules Pyinstaller

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