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I've followed the documentation in the Heroku Dev Center related to adding and configuring the SSL Endpoint addon, but I'm having problems accessing the SSL endpoint that is specified for me once the process completes.

Here's the output heroku certs:info:

Fetching SSL Endpoint gifu-3932.herokussl.com info for epic-real-estate... done
Certificate details:
Common Name(s): epicrealestatewebsites.com

Expires At:     2014-06-10 21:30 UTC
Issuer:         /OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=www.epicrealestatewebsites.com
Starts At:      2013-06-10 21:30 UTC
Subject:        /OU=Domain Control Validated/CN=www.epicrealestatewebsites.com
SSL certificate is verified by a root authority.

Based on this output, I'm pretty sure I should be able to at least access my application at https://gifu-3932.herokussl.com but it seems I can't. Have I missed a step along the way somewhere or is it simply a matter of waiting a while so that host resolves to the correct place?

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Apparently it is just a matter of waiting a while for DNS resolution to occur. So, if you're going to do this, make sure you have 12-16 hours available to make it happen.

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Sometimes the provisioning of the SSL endpoint fails silently and never resolves. You can work around this by removing the ssl cert with heroku certs:remove and then re-adding it again. The endpoint should resolve to an Amazon ELB when it successfully is provisioned.

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