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I'm trying to save a python file that I loaded into my IPython notebook with the %loadpy magic. When I try and save the file with %save settings.py I get the following error:

File `settings.py` exists. Use `%save -f 'settings.py' -f` to force overwrite

Then when I use %save -f 'settings.py' -f I get the error:

'-f' was not found in history, as a file, url, nor in the user namespace.

%save -f 'settings.py' yeilds the error '' was not found in history, as a file, url, nor in the user namespace. as well.

Any idea how to correctly save a .py file so that it overwrites the previous version? Thanks!

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In [13]: %save -f settings.py 1-10 # saves lines 1 to 10 to settings.py
In [14]: %save? # Gives you the help on the save command

  %save [options] filename n1-n2 n3-n4 ... n5 .. n6 ...

n1-n2, n3-n4 are ranges of lines that you want to save. n5, n6 are individual line numbers that you want to save. Add -f option to force save.

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Thanks for your answer. Is there any way to reference it to the cell it's being executed in? I ask because I'm trying to make a tutorial and locking %save to a particular line will save the wrong code if cells are executed out of order / or cells before it are executed multiple times. –  agconti Jun 13 '13 at 14:15
I'm not sure there is a way to do that. –  punchagan Jun 13 '13 at 14:54
Since I posted the question, I've been looking through the documentation and source code, and haven't found anything to do that. Thats actually what I wanted to do so I'll ask a new question so its more clear what I'm looking for. Thanks for your answer, (+1). –  agconti Jun 13 '13 at 15:09

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