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Suppose I have a contacts db - name, phone number, etc. I want to run a query where the result set would be first letters (unique) of the name column in ASC/DESC order. That is suppose my table looked like this:

name                           phone number
Alice                          xxx
Mitch                          xxx
Eric                           xxx
Eric                           xxx

The result set would have three rows - A, E & M. Then when I need to fetch names beginning with A I would run another query.

A pseudo query might look like:

    firstCharFrom(`name`) AS indexChar 

I welcome any commentary on the performance of this query against the simple:

SELECT * FROM `myTable` ORDER BY `name`

where the client takes cake of grouping the result set into buckets (A, E, M) himself.

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SELECT DISTINCT(SUBSTR(name, 1, 1)) AS indexChar
FROM myTable
ORDER BY indexChar

You can find a list of all SQLite functions at Core Functions

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Would this work for unicode text? I am wondering if this logic will correctly sort Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc. The docs you pointed to does specify that the text is UTF8. –  Code Poet Jun 11 '13 at 1:31
I have no idea, try it and see. –  Barmar Jun 11 '13 at 1:35

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