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I'm following the dart web service tutorial here: http://www.dartlang.org/articles/json-web-service/

When I try to run the code from the associated git code https://github.com/chrisbu/dartlang_json_webservice_article_code

I get the following error.

Loading structured data
Failed to load resource
Uncaught Error: Instance of 'HttpRequestProgressEvent'
Exception: Instance of 'HttpRequestProgressEvent'

From the readme https://github.com/chrisbu/dartlang_json_webservice_article_code/blob/master/README.md

it suggests that I need to

To execute, either run:

dart simpleserver.dart
Load the project into the Dart Editor, and click "Run"

This starts the server listening on http://localhost:8080

Where do I need to run the

dart simpleserver.dart

command? Is there any other local server setup requirements that I could be missing? Thanks, (Windows 8 Pro)

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I can reproduce your error message if I run the client in a browser without starting the server first. As noted in the documentation you included (but didn't seem to understand), you have two ways to run the server: from the command line or from Dart Editor. If you're using Dart Editor:

  1. Load simpleserver/simpleserver.dart in Dart Editor, then click the 'Run' button.
  2. Load json_clien/web/json_client.dart in Dart Editor, then click the 'Run' button.

That will load json_client.html in the bundled Dartium browser and everything should work.

If you prefer to use the command line (which it sounds like you don't), navigate to the simpleserver directory, then run dart simpleserver.dart. Then manually load json_clien/web/json_client.html in Dartium.

Both ways work for me with Dart on Linux.

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