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I'm trying to implement a custom query according to the Reference 4.4 Custom Implementations:


Spring-Data: mongoTemplate vs MongoRepository

I'm doing this because I need special queries using mongoTemplate.

The error I'm getting is a PropertyReferenceException. So it seems that spring-data is trying to auto-generate the query which I don't want. I want to use my own custom query.

org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyReferenceException: No property search found for type com.eerra.core.common.dto.User

The problem is described also here but the solution doesn't seem to work for me:



How can I implement my custom query interface and implementation without spring-data trying to auto-generate the query?


Spring Configuration


<!-- Spring Data MongoDB repository support -->
<mongo:repositories base-package="com.eerra.*.common.service" />

The Repository classes and interfaces are located in following package:

com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepositoryInterface.java com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepoistoryCustom.java (interface) com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepositoryCustomImpl.java (implementation)


public interface UserRepositoryCustom {
    List<User> searchAllUsers();


public class UserRepositoryCustomImpl implements UserRepositoryCustom {

    private MongoTemplate mongoTemplate;

    public List<User> searchAllUsers() {
        return mongoTemplate.findAll(User.class);


public interface UserRepositoryInterface extends MongoRepository<User, String>, UserRepositoryCustom {
    User findByEmail(String email);
    List<User> findByEmailLike(String email);
    List<User> findByEmailOrLastName(String email, String lastName);
    List<User> findByEmailOrFirstNameLike(String email, String firstName);

    @Query("{\"$or\" : [ { \"email\" : { \"$regex\" : ?0, \"$options\" : \"i\"}} , " +
        "{ \"firstName\" : { \"$regex\" : ?0, \"$options\" : \"i\"}}, " +
        "{ \"lastName\" : { \"$regex\" : ?0, \"$options\" : \"i\"}}]}")
    List<User> findByEmailOrFirstNameOrLastNameLike(String searchText);
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The problem is solved. This error appears when the Impl class is named incorrectly. The Impl class has to be named according to the repository class. So the names have to be following for this example:

  • com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepositoryInterface.java (main repository)
  • com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepositoryInterfaceImpl.java (implementation of custom repository methods)
  • com.eerra.core.common.service.UserRepositoryInterfaceCustom.java (interface with custom methods)

See the answer here: Spring-Data: mongoTemplate vs MongoRepository

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