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Is there a way to show the the member in a cluster after cutree step in R? for example:

tree <- hclust(dist, method='single')
plot(tree, hang=-1, cex=0.8)
cutree(tree, h=18)

I obtain sth like:

X10100  X3755 X13068   X264 X13216 
 1      1      2      2      3 
X8379 X13727  X9925 X13849   X467 
 3      4      4      5      5 
X14265   X388 X14426  X8246 X14961 
 6      6      7      7      8 
X17037  X1200   X844 X13024   X155 
 8      9      9     10     11 

I want to see/print it as a more straightforward way such as:

 cluster 1: 10100,03755
    cluster 2: ..........

How can I do it? Thanks!

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You can group the results using split or by :

 hh <- cutree(tree, h=18)


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