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I am using the acts_as_taggable gem, which has a method tag_list, which produces an array of tags, but requires an SQL call. I have been research optimization and am curious if it would be good storing this list as an array in the database to prevent needing an SQL call when I simply want the names of the tags. I know arrays in a database is not good design, but it ultimately prevents queries?

Every time a program (what is tagged) is displayed, I want to display the list of tag names. I need nothing besides their names.

Am I being overzealous with avoiding the database or would this be a great help to making the site more efficient?

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Yes, you are being overzealous.

If you put an array in the db - you'd still need to fetch it from the db. The time-difference between these two sql-calls is negligible - and the array-deserialization will probably make it slower.

Also - Rails will automatically cache the sql- query so if it's identical it will already not bother to make the sql call.

If you really want to speed it up - why don't you cache the page-fragment that contains the tags?

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I am looking into all sorts of caching as well as limiting SQL calls. I'm gonna leave the question out for a few days and see if there are other answers, otherwise I'll accept this one. – dewyze Jun 11 '13 at 3:30

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