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I want to return a list of all the subdirectories in the 'SomeFolder' directory excluding the 'Admin' and 'Templates' directories.

I have the following folder structure (simplified):


'SomeFolder' can contain a varying number a 'RandomString' folders (anywhere from ~10 to ~100).

Here is what I have tried:

    var dirs = Directory.GetDirectories(Server.MapPath(".."))
    .Where(s => !s.EndsWith("Admin") || !s.EndsWith("Templates"));
    foreach (string dir in dirs)
        lit.Text += Environment.NewLine + dir;

This returns the full list of folders (shown above) without 'Admin' and 'Templates' filtered out.

Interestingly, if I change the LINQ .Where clause to include, instead of exclude, 'Admin' and 'Templates' it works, meaning it returns just the paths for 'Admin' and 'Templates'.

.Where(s => s.EndsWith("Admin") || s.EndsWith("Templates"));

If LINQ is not the solution, is there any way to use the GetDirectories SearchPattern to filter out directories?

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the opposite of (A || B) is (!A && !B), so in your code it should be &&, not ||...

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Yep, that was it. Thanks. What a rookie mistake. I had even had a (obviously too quick) look at the C# operators reference to make sure I should have using the conditional and not the logical. Will accept when the 10 min window is up. – David HAust Jun 11 '13 at 4:21

You can do something like:

//list your excluded dirs
private List<string> _excludedDirectories= new List<string>() { "Admin", "Templates" };

//method to check
static bool isExcluded(List<string> exludedDirList, string target)
    return exludedDirList.Any(d => new DirectoryInfo(target).Name.Equals(d));

//then use this
var filteredDirs = Directory.GetDirectories(path).Where(d => !isExcluded(_excludedDirectories, d));
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wow surprisingly, when i searched this, i found this one. very similar to mine. – aiapatag Jun 11 '13 at 4:26
This is a nice clean solution. I am doing a entire server. Do you think the performance will be better if I don't use DirectoryInfo and use string manipulation. IE tagert.EndWith(d) – H20rider Jul 7 at 15:48
@H20rider, significant performance boost? no. I don't think so. – aiapatag Jul 22 at 12:57

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