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I have a Facebook "fan page" for my acting career (I mean a page that I created within my personal FB account) I want to make the feed from this page appear on my personal website as a "news feed" for publicity reasons. My website developer tool has a "custom HTML" option that has allowed me to make my Twitter feed appear on the webpage, but I want to use my Facebook page instead.

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What you are searching for is the Like Box which has option to display your Page's stream on your website. Features about the like box (Quoting from documentation)

  • See how many people like the Page, and which of their friends like it, too.
  • Read recent posts from the Page.
  • Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page.
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Thanks very much, Anvesh!!!!!! –  Jack Burr Jun 12 '13 at 0:34
@JackBurr If this solves your question please accept it as answer so that people in future with same issue as yours could resolve it –  Anvesh Saxena Jun 12 '13 at 3:23
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