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I would like to have a mapping to quickly quit all buffers, for use when I'm vimdiffing a lot of files. Control and a function key together proved a good safety, so that I don't accidentally hit this combination, unintentionally leaving Vim. I tried the following mapping:

map <C-F10> :qa<CR>

To no avail. If I ditch the control, I can quit with F10 alone—why doesn't control work with F10 in my mapping?

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I suspect you are using vim and not gvim. vim keybindings are limited by the terminal we are running vim within.

I've given up on vim, and I systematically use gvim for that reason.

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Yep, it's a terminal issue. The big reason I've stuck with vim over gvim, is that I can run it within screen and thus get more virtual desktop space. I guess I'll just have to get more virtual desktops! – Drew Stephens Nov 10 '09 at 1:11
I use MacVim (gui vim for OS X) and wasn't able to get a combined ctrl + function key mapping to work, fyi. I also had to remember to map using nmap for "normal mode" mapping to get my bash command shortcut to work from inside my vim session. – Bodhi Apr 8 '12 at 20:36

Luc is right - I just tried that in gvim (well, MacVim) and it worked fine. Then I tried it in the terminal with no joy.

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