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I want to draw a smooth circle on mouse drag. That is on first mouse click, the start point is set and on dragging mouse the end point gets updated and the circle gets expanded. I read somewhere it is possible to draw using line strips. But that won't fit my requirement.

In short I need the logic to draw a circle using the given two points using opengl.

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What does the start and end points represent? Center and radius (distance from start-to-end) or top-left and bottom-right of the circle bounds? – Vite Falcon Jun 11 '13 at 8:27
@ Vite Falcon top left and bottom right – CodeRider Jun 11 '13 at 8:57
@ViteFalcon please help – CodeRider Jun 11 '13 at 9:14
Well, what will fit your requirement then? Computers cannot draw a perfect circle, they always approximate. If line strips isn't desireable for you, it'd be good to know what else is. – s3rius Jun 11 '13 at 9:57

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Well, if you have the:

top-left position (X1 Y1) 


bottom-right position (X2 Y2)

you also have the

diameter (sqrt([X2-X1]^2+[Y2-Y1]^2))
radius (diameter/2)

and center:

CenterX = X1 + (radius * (sin(-atan2(Y2-Y1,X2-X1))));
CenterY = Y1 + (radius * (cos(-atan2(Y2-Y1,X2-X1))));

from that point on you can draw a circle from the center with the given radius in whatever way you like!

double max = 2.0 * PI;
double precision = 0.1;
double current = 0.0;
struct point
    double x;
    double y;

while(current <= max)
    point one;
    point two;
    one.x = Center.x + (radius * (sin(-current)));
    one.y = Center.y + (radius * (cos(-current)));
    current += precision;
    two.x = Center.x + (radius * (sin(-current)));
    two.y = Center.y + (radius * (cos(-current)));

    //draw line between one and two?
    //draw here

(I won't answer further because lines are not what you want? I don't know any other way to "draw" a "circle")

ByTheWay: by correctly modifying this code you can even draw parts of a "pseudo-circle" (while(current<=max))

Anyway, this is how I draw a circle in my code:

//draw fun
    struct point
        double x,y;
        point(double x,double y) : x(x), y(y) {}
        point(){ x = 0.0, y = 0.0; }

    point start(100.0,100.0);
    point end(150.0,150.0);
    point center;

    double diameter = sqrt(pow(end.x-start.x,2.0)+pow(end.y-start.y,2.0));
    double radius = diameter/2.0;
    double max = 2.0 * PId;
    double precision = max/180.0;
    double current = 0.0;

    center.x = start.x + (radius * (sin(-atan2(end.y-start.y,end.x-start.x))));
    center.y = start.y + (radius * (cos(-atan2(end.y-start.y,end.x-start.x))));
    while(current <= max)
        point one;
        //point two;
        one.x = center.x + (radius * (sin(-current)));
        one.y = center.y + (radius * (cos(-current)));
        render->D3DBox((float)one.x,(float)one.y,1.0f,1.0f,0xFFFFFFFF);//create a dot
        current += precision;
        //two.x = center.x + (radius * (sin(-current)));
        //two.y = center.y + (radius * (cos(-current)));


enter image description here

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