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I would like to populate a DateTime structure from a string, but it is not working: This is the format I have: i.e.: "6/4/09 11:10 AM"

This is what I am using but it is not working DateTime dttm = DateTime.ParseExact(dttmString, "d/m/yy H:mm tt", format);

Any idea? Thanks


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It's your month. Month is "M". "m" is minutes. "H" is 24 hour time. Here's a reference page for datetime.parseextact and datetime.tostring format strings. http://www.geekzilla.co.uk/View00FF7904-B510-468C-A2C8-F859AA20581F.htm

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Which means that the format should be: "d/M/yy h:mm tt" – Guffa Nov 9 '09 at 21:33
That page is great! Thanks a lot. It works now. Tony – tony Nov 9 '09 at 21:50

use "d/M/yy h:mm tt", format);

Change 'm' to 'M' for month and change 'H' to 'h' for hour.

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try using a capital 'M' for month.

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