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I'm trying to post a custom data attribute on a select box option to a hidden form field.

Here's my html:

<select id="sampleorder" multiple="multiple">
 <option value='xxx' data-amount='5'>Name</OPTION>
 <option value='xxx' data-amount='15'>Name</OPTION>
 <option value='xxx' data-amount='2'>Name</OPTION>

And jQuery

$('#submit_btn').click(function() {
  var options = $('select#sampleorder');    
  var samplesSelected = options.val();


I'm guessing that my variable "sampleAmount" should look somewhat like this

  var sampleAmount = options.val().data("amount");

But it's not giving me the expected results. What would be a good approach to get the data attribute value per item?


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Try this:

$('#submit_btn').click(function() {
  var samplesSelected = $('#sampleorder').val(),
      sampleAmount = $('#sampleorder option:selected').data("amount");
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Try this,


Add id attribute to your select drop down like

<select id="sampleorder" >


 var sampleAmount = $('select#sampleorder option:selected').data("amount");

Fiddle http://fiddle.jshell.net/3gCKH/

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why use jQuery? Just use event.target.options[event.target.selectedIndex].dataset.amount

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I forgot to mention it has to be a multi select box, sorry. With your help and a brief look into the jQuery documentation I've managed to solve it:

$("select#sampleorderm").change(function () {
    var samplesSelected = options.val().join("::");
    var samplesAmount = "";
        $("select#sampleorderm option:selected").each(function () {
            samplesAmount += $(this).data("amount") + " ";

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