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When creating symbols in combination with the epslatex terminal in Gnuplot 4.6, I always notice that in the center of the symbol a small dot is shown (clearly visible on zoom-in). This annoys me quite a bit, as it does not happen in, for example, the png terminal of Gnuplot.

Is there a simple method in Gnuplot to get rid of this dot?

Minimum reproductive example:

set terminal epslatex 
set output "test.tex"

It can be directly observed in the outputfile test.eps.

Additional info: I use the following code to create a complete eps-file out of it



Is there a solution inside gnuplot?

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According to this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/16358393/1134387 there are much more symbols than the few shown by test in Gnuplot. When using 64, 65 and 66 as pointtype, I get symbols without the dot inside, which effectively solves my problem.

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