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I haven't been using Delphi these last few years (last version I worked with was D2005) and I need to do some work in DelphiXE now. My question is, how do I disable declaration wrapping in the Delphi IDE? currently I use modelmaker's code explorer to unwrap them, but I cannot imagine that this can't be disabled! I've tried editing the right margins in the editor options, but that doesn't seem to help anything.

Below is an example of what I get when I add an event procedure via the object inspector of my treeview control:

    Sender: TVTHeader; var PaintInfo: THeaderPaintInfo; const Elements:

But i want it like this:

procedure TfrmSomeLongInheritedEditFormName.vstStringTreeviewComponentAdvancedHeaderDraw(Sender: TVTHeader; var PaintInfo: THeaderPaintInfo; const Elements: THeaderPaintElements);

Is it possible or do I need to keep editing the code by hand (or by using code explorer)?

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If you post code to StackOverflow or other sites, you probably want 'wrapping'. In your post above, I can see (essentially) all of the code in the first snippet without doing any scrolling, but I can not see a single argument in the second snippet without doing a lot of horizontal scrolling. – Andreas Rejbrand Jun 11 '13 at 10:01
there are two places to change, don't know if its translated correct Formating/Delphi/WordWrap/right margins and Editor-Options/right margins – bummi Jun 11 '13 at 10:10
@Bummi Neither of those seem to influence this behaviour at least when I tried – David Heffernan Jun 11 '13 at 10:13
@AndreasRejbrand i use a lot of stringtreeviews which have long declarations. I like them on one line because I know which params they have, I have wide monitors IF i need to read them nontheless and I think multiline declarations are messy. I am a clean guy :P – TedOnTheNet Jun 11 '13 at 10:34
@bummi OK, me too now. I had the right margin not visible. When you make it visible, I see the same behaviour as you. Please do add an answer. – David Heffernan Jun 11 '13 at 11:03
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There are two places to change the settings for the right margin:

  • Formatter | Delphi | Line breaks | Right margin
  • Editor Options | Display | Right Margin

Setting the former to a large value is enough to ensure that IDE generated methods do not wrap. Set the latter to a large value to ensure that the code formatter does not wrap long lines.

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this does not work for me in DElphi XE. I've tried both. – TedOnTheNet Jun 12 '13 at 7:00
@TedOnTheNet works fine for me on XE and XE3 ... – bummi Jun 12 '13 at 7:27

In Modelmaker's MMX tools there is a way. Go to the Modelmaker code explorer options > Pascal > editing. In the group "Code lay out" there is a "wrap margin". I've increased the value from 80 to 400. works fine now!

As far as I know, there's no way to do it in the IDE.

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External tools are indeed the way to do this: Delphi does not have a built-in setting for it. You can use the GExperts or might be able to use (forgot from which Delphi version it is included) the built-in Delphi code formatter. – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Jun 11 '13 at 11:17
@JeroenWiertPluimers bummi and Peter have shown a way to do this using the plain vanilla IDE – David Heffernan Jun 11 '13 at 12:42
@DavidHeffernan Thanks. Somehow I missed the right margin option in the big set of code formatter options. – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Jun 12 '13 at 15:06

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