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I'm trying to use class autoloading in my project. This is what I wrote:

on main.php:

namespace myproject;



on subspace/myclass.php:

namespace myproject\subspace;

class myclass {

    static function mystaticmethod() {




I get this error:

 PHP Fatal error:  Class 'myproject\\subspace\\myclass' not found

So far I've only found a problem with case sensitive names in the documentation, so I switched to lowercase only but I get the same error. Why?

[EDIT] Using PHP 5.3.3

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I've found the problem: The default include directory would be the full namespace/subspace path.

I've also found a good solution. From http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.spl-autoload.php#92767:

    // Add your class dir to include path

    // Make autoloader look for commonly used "myclass.php" type filenames

    // Use default autoload implementation

The default autoload implementation is written in C and is always slightly faster than a PHP one.

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