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Please suggest headless browser for multithread application from this list, that has all features listed below:

It must has next features:

  • Working without any server installation. I need just simple library to distribute with my application.
  • Ajax/HTML 5 support. Ability to work with pages elements: find and read attributes through internal/external (SGMLReader) XML, or using API to click buttons, fill forms, etc.
  • Correctly cookies container (correctly working with multiple cookies response and storing cookies during all session)
  • Customizable browser line (even selecting Chrome/Firefox is enough)
  • Multithread. So no static cookies container or smth. else. I need be able to login and working with same site under 2-100000 different users.
  • Fast working
  • Working with https by using insecure SSL.
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I am searching for the same, did you find anything? –  Maecky Nov 9 '13 at 19:40

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You can use PhantomJS which is a headless browser and connect to it with Selenium WebDriver (how?). PhantomJS is based on Webkit so it has fast and native support for latest web standards.

Although for .Net guys it might be easier to use SimpleBrowser which is fully implemented using C#, i have no idea about the performance and support of standards.

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PhantomJS is the best solution. SimpleBrowser not work with Javascript, so it's not a solution. –  user809808 Dec 17 '13 at 15:01

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