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Can anyone help me how to populate the retrieved values in ListBoxFor. I tried this but doesn't works.

Code in Model:-

public List<SelectListItem> SafetyRepresentataives { get; set; }
public List<string> BusinessUnitSiteSafetyRepresentative { get; set; }

Code in Controller:=

var site = entityDB.ClientBusinessUnitSites.FirstOrDefault(m => m.ClientBusinessUnitSiteId == 
var siteRepresentatives = from representatives in entityDB.ClientBusinessUnitSiteRepresentatives
                                      where representatives.ClientBUSiteID == siteId
                                      select representatives;

local.SafetyRepresentataives = (from o in entityDB.SystemUsersOrganizations.ToList()
                                           from c in entityDB.Contact.ToList()
                                           where o.OrganizationId == clientId && c.UserId == 
                                           select new SelectListItem
                                               Text = c.FirstName + "," + c.LastName,
                                               Value = c.UserId.ToString()
foreach (var representative in siteRepresentatives)

Code in View:-

@Html.ListBoxFor(x => Model.BusinessUnitSiteSafetyRepresentative, new 

I have retrieved the values from DB as shown above. But I am unable to link these retrieved values to ListBox so as to populate them. How to do this?? Help me out please!!!!!!!!!

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I think this link should help you


In the sample they pass the combobox items in the viewbag.

I recomend you use a jquery plugin like autocomplete or typeahead from twitter bootstrap. So you can load asynchronously the elements.

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Simply adding a default list helped me in resolving my issue. Here is the solution.

local.BusinessUnitSiteSafetyRepresentative = new List<string>();
            foreach (var representative in siteRepresentatives)

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