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I am trying to use data paging (not custom data paging - just normal inefficient paging) for about max 125 records, over 5 pages, 25 records per page. But most samples out there seem to be using a gridview or a datagrid, however I want each record to look like this:

Record 1 Title
Record 1 Description
Record 1 Time:     Record 1 Contact:

Record 2 Title
Record 2 Description
Record 2 Time:     Record 2 Contact:

etc etc, however with grids they result is like a table with bound fields for each column so I can't display it like that using paging, I thought of using a Repeater however I think I will need to use viewstate for that as it doesn't have paging built in and don't want to use ViewState as I have disabled this - can anyone help?

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I think what you are looking for is a DataView or a Repeater

The Repeater control is a basic templated data-bound list. It has no built-in layout or styles, so you must explicitly declare all layout, formatting, and style tags within the control's templates.

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