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I have a function with ActiveX Objects in my Javascript file to simulate a F11 for fullscreen mode. I want to sign this code to avoid some security issue, anyone who knows how I could do it ?

The code :

function fullScreenWindow() {

var el = document.documentElement
, rfs = // for newer Webkit and Firefox
    || el.webkitRequestFullScreen
    || el.mozRequestFullScreen
    || el.msRequestFullScreen
if(typeof rfs!="undefined" && rfs){
} else if(typeof window.ActiveXObject!="undefined"){
  // for Internet Explorer
  var wscript = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
  if (wscript!=null) {

Thank you for any help.

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Ok, find a workaround. I add the url to the "Trusted Sites" area and it's now correctly working.

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