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I am trying to load multiple files with single hive load command. i am using wildcard characters.

My File pattern is something like

my_file_01_025052012.txt my_file_02_025052012.txt my_file_03_025052012.txt

When i use below  command , it works
Load data local inpath 'my_file_*_025052012.txt' into table mytable;


when i use ?? in place of * in load command it doesnt work , like 
Load data local inpath 'my_file_??_025052012.txt' into table mytable;

Hive tried to search for file pattern like my_file_%253F%253F_025052012.txt , throws error as file not found.

I want to achieve the pattern search using ?? only.. Is there any workaround.

Thanks in advance :)

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