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I am using Authorize.net API in my PHP project for Payments. Recently I integrated the REFUND/VOID Transactions programmatic, Its working fine but now I want refund the amount multiple times is it possible ?.

Example: A User paid $100 (Product price $80 + shipping price $20) to purchase a product in my website. Now First I want to refund $20, then later I want to refund $80 for the same transaction. Every thing need to using the API

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Multiple refunds can only be processed once the transaction is settled. It sounds like since the transaction was not yet settled, your API call voided the original transaction completely.

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Yes, you can do two refunds for the original transaction. In fact, it's no different then doing one other then the fact that you are doing a second, or possibly third, transaction. Just run your second refund just like the first for the specified amount.

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yes i tried.. I paid 3$ and voided $1 in first attempt It works well. In second attempt I tried to void $2.. Its shows response code as 1 (SUCCESS) and message as Already the transaction has voided –  Cakephp.Saint Jun 12 '13 at 6:41
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