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I'm trying to debug an application and it isn't a place that's convenient to run WireShark.

I've been using "tcpdump -nn -x -X port 25" but the output isn't really in the most convenient format. Thoughts?

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You can always have tcpdump write out to a file using "-w dump.txt -s 0" as extra arguments, and then load the output file into WireShark locally.

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+1 this is very effective; I do it all the time when I can't run Wireshark on the target system. –  Jim Garrison Nov 9 '09 at 22:26
Right, I'd forgotten that WireShark/TShark can operate with the same pcap format that tcpdump does... –  ephemient Nov 9 '09 at 22:27

I'd think the easiest thing to do would be to point the application at a SMTP proxy which just passes everything through to the real server and logs it in the meantime (could probably hack something together with socat in a few minutes), but going with your current approach...

  • Use TShark to generate a capture file, and load that file into WireShark somewhere more convenient.
  • Or use tcptrace on the tcpdump or TShark output.
  • Or use tcpflow.
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A utility known as ngrep exists which might help you. It has all the power of regular grep, but it works on pcap data. Check it out here

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tcpdump -A (instead of -X) will print packet contents in ASCII.

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