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In group expert options I have set Keep Group Together, which makes sure a new page is set.

With two-sided printing enabled, how can I make sure that a new group always forms on a new sheet of paper? Can this be done in the formula expert? Is there some way of checking if the page I'm on is even or odd and insert a page from there? Just asking leading questions because I'm not familiar with what is possible with Crystal's formula editor. BTW, This is Crystal XI Enterprise Server.

Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

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You can do this with the onfirstrecord, pagenumber and the onlastrecord keywords.

On the group header section "New page before" formula...

not onfirstrecord //so every group (except the first) starts on a new page

On "New page after" formula...

//to keep the group from starting on even page but make sure the last page is not blank
remainder(pagenumber, 2) = 1 and not onlastrecord 
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Open the Section Expert screen. Select Report Header and check "Suppress (No Drill-Down)". Then select in the group header select the group you want to page break and check "New Page Before".

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This Works fine if I need Page Break on one Group. How do I do if Page Break on Multiple Groups?

I found answer.. Using Next(Field) or Previous(Field), I added below condition and worked fine.

In Next Page Before formula:

Not onFirstRecord and ({table.field} <> previous({table.field}))

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hi IronicMuffin i understand you question. the answer is versy simple but more effetcive.

  • step 1: Include dataset or database expert into your crystal report

  • Step2: In the outside surface of the report area right click and goto report and goto group expert

  • Step3: add the which field you include the group that time the bottom of the window options will appear

  • Step 4: click the option and agian goto 2nd tab of the option.

  • step 5: finally check(check=true) check box of Repeat Group header on each page other check box or put uncheck
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