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new to rails and trying to work out the most 'railsy' way to implement the following.

Given below:

class Team
  has_many :team_memberships
  has_many :players, through: :team_memberships

class TeamMembership
  acts_as_list scope: :team_id
  belongs_to :team
  belongs_to :player

class Player
  has_many :team_memberships
  has_many :teams, through: team_memberships

In my TeamMembership model I have a additional columns position:integer, captain:boolean and wicket_keeper:boolean (Can you tell what I am working on yet.. :))

Given the following:

t = Team.first
p = Player.first(11)
t.players << p

This populates the TeamMembership model with my player objects nicely.

If I try:

t.players[4][:captain] = true

it fails with - ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError: can't write unknown attributecaptain'`

However, I can set it like this:

t.team_memberships[4][:captain] = true

But this just feels wrong.

Given you should see what I am trying to achieve, is this:

A) The best way to approach this task - if so, is there a way to get at and set the captain attribute directly through the player (if that makes sense)


B) Is there a better, more 'railsy' approach that I am missing.

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I believe what you have t.team_memberships[4][:captain] = true is correct. I say this because you state in your question that your TeamMembership model has position:integer, captain:boolean, wicket_keeper:boolean. So from my understanding you've populated the TeamMembership model. However with the following: t.players[4][:captain] = true you are trying to access the captain attribute. Which is part of the TeamMembership model, and so what I'm trying to say is that your trying to access the attribute captain which an attribute of the instance TeamMembership. Further to this I believe this error is coming from the has_many :team_memberships which you have in your Player class, this refers to the associated model. I think its looking for player_id in the TeamMembership table. See the following links they may help clarify what you are trying to do:

API - Ruby on Rails - belongs_to

Guide Ruby on Rails - Belongs_to_association-reference have a look at section foreign_key

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Thanks for the answer - however, I am aware why the association through team_memberships is working - I was hoping there would be a better way to define the teams<->players relationship...will read through the links, although I have been through them a few times already!! – BenjiBoyWick Jun 11 '13 at 13:20

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