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I have a requirement that I need to give line number value to the row if same data is repeated


create table test(id int,name varchar(10),sal int)
insert test values(101,'hdfc',15000)
insert test values(101,'hdfc',15000)
insert test values(101,'hdfc',15000)
select id+name+sal from test

Expected output:

lineno:1 101,hdfc,15000
lineno:2 101,hdfc,15000
lineno:3 101,hdfc,15000

If new record inserted then again it should start from lineno1 ex:

lineno:1 101,IDBI,15000

Note: lineno is hardcoded value but the numbers should increase.

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Try this using CTE and Row_number(): (Assuming you need results in a single column, otherwise please remove string concatenation within CTE)

;with cte as (
    select id, 
      convert(varchar(10), id) +', '+ name +', '+ convert(varchar(10), sal) cols,
      row_number() over(partition by id,name, sal order by id) rn
    from test
select 'lineno:' + convert(varchar(10), rn) + ' ' + cols as mystring
from cte
order by id

SQL Fiddle Example

|                  MYSTRING |
| lineno:1 101, hdfc, 15000 |
| lineno:2 101, hdfc, 15000 |
| lineno:3 101, hdfc, 15000 |
| lineno:1 101, IDBI, 15000 |
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