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I am developing an application on windows phone 8, and would like to know - Is it possible to check whether retrieved device IP address is over Wifi or carrier?

        Code used to find device IP address is -

        public IPAddress IdentifyDeviceIp()
                    List<string> DeviceIPAddresses = new List<string>();
                    var DeviceHostnames = Windows.Networking.Connectivity.NetworkInformation.GetHostNames();
                    foreach (var DeviceHostName in DeviceHostnames)
                        if (DeviceHostName.IPInformation != null)
                            string DeviceIpAddress = DeviceHostName.DisplayName;
                            // Emulator: ignore IPV6 addresses
                            if (DeviceIpAddress.Contains(":"))
                if (DeviceIPAddresses.Count == 0)
                    MessageBox.Show("No IP address found!!");
                    return new IPAddress(0);
                return IPAddress.Parse(DeviceIPAddresses[0]);
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To determine what a network is currently used by a phone you can check NetworkInterfaceType. Mode details here

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you can use this code for determinate where is the type of Network Interface :

NetworkInterfaceType MyNetworkInterfaceType = Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType; 

If you've on Wifi, this code return "Wireless80211", you can read all documentation here

Also, with Windows Phone, you can Set your prefer NetworkInterface ( If you hove connected on Wifi and, on 3G, you can create a request with the Cellular connection (2G/3G/4G) or with NonCellular connection ( Ethernet, Wifi...) you can read this for information

You can Set your prefer Network for SocketRequest and for WebRequest you can read documentation about that in the msdn :



Use just the function

SetNetworkPreference(Socket/WebRequest, NetworkSelectionCharacteristics)

for define a request with your prefer network.

For better Experience for your application user, prefer the NonCellular DataConnection, generaly, it's faster [except for 4G] and cheaper... :D

For Your Problem, If you Set your prefer Connection, and you send a request, the ip adress use for this request must match the network defined preference.

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