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I am looking for way to parse the strikeout / strikethrough value of cells in an Excel sheet, using if possible a PHP script. The cells that are strikeout or not contain simple text values (no formula or anything).

I have try using http://code.google.com/p/php-excel-reader/ and a few others scripts. But I have not found any PHP script that parse this specific value (strikeout) and I have try without success to add this parsing feature to the php-excel-reader.

I have try to add the following :

function lineTrought($row,$col,$sheet=0) {
	return $this->fontProperty($row,$col,$sheet,'strikethrough');

And also add some code to this part of the parse code (indicated by **) :

					$height = v($data,$pos+4);
					$option = v($data,$pos+6);
					$color = v($data,$pos+8);
					$weight = v($data,$pos+10);
					$under  = ord($data[$pos+14]);
					**$strikethrough  = v($data,$pos+16);**
					$font = "";
					// Font name
					$numchars = ord($data[$pos+18]);
					if ((ord($data[$pos+19]) & 1) == 0){
					    $font = substr($data, $pos+20, $numchars);
					} else {
					    $font = substr($data, $pos+20, $numchars*2);
					    $font =  $this->_encodeUTF16($font); 
					$this->fontRecords[] = array(
							'height' => $height / 20,
							'italic' => !!($option & 2),
							'color' => $color,
							'under' => !($under==0),
							'bold' => ($weight==700),
							'font' => $font,
							'raw' => $this->dumpHexData($data, $pos+3, $length)

But I can't find the right data that indicate the strikethrough value. v($data,$pos+16) is incorrect and I have try a bunch of other stuff without any success.

If not possible with a PHP library, any idea on how I could parse my XLS with a Python or Perl script and then switch the data to PHP?

It seems like Spreadsheet::ParseExcel-0.55 from CPAN Perl script might work but my main application is PHP so I would need to write result to a file and parse it back in PHP or something like this.

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How does strike-through text look? is it encoded? binary ? –  Byron Whitlock Nov 9 '09 at 22:38

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also check out: http://www.codeplex.com/PHPExcel

it says it could read Excel files. i was using it mostly for writing, so I don't know to what extent reading is supported.

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Seems to be a very complete library, I'll try it. I do not understand how I did not found this one. Me fail. –  j15e Nov 9 '09 at 23:39

With PHPExcel (http://phpexcel.net, official url) you can read the style value from cell. For strikethrough it is something like this.

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