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I have several kinds of messages, where every message type has the same "envelope" and header, but different "body".

For instance, I may have messages like:

    <header send_date="2013-06-06T15:00:00" />

    <header send_date="2013-06-06T15:03:00" />
        <end_of_the_world_prediction time="2015-06-10T10:00:00" />

Here's the challenge. send_date in header needs to be serialized using local time zone. However, all dates in body need to be serialized in another time zone (that may be different for each message, but is known to the code kicking off XStream).

How can I achieve this?

There are quite a few kinds of those messages and they can be pretty big, so I'm not willing to manually craft a custom Converter for each.

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