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I have a few aspx pages which displays GridView controls. In each control I use custom functions to format displayed data. I want to put those functions in one static class. I did like this:

namespace MyNS
    public static class FormatFunctions
        public static string Format1(string text)
            return <formatted string>;

        public static string Format2(string text)
            return <formatted string>;

I can call those functions from codebehind file, but when I call them from aspx file like this:

        <%# FormatFunctions.Format1(Eval("field_name")) %>

I got the following error:

The name 'FormatFunctions' does not exist in the current context

How can I access those functions from aspx file. Should I add some headers to the aspx file?

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You have defined FormatFunctions as belonging to namespace "MyNS", but haven't imported it. Try this at the top of your aspx file:

<%@ Import namespace=”MyNS” %>

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Thanks! That helped. –  Lukasz Lysik Nov 9 '09 at 23:02

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