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I want to get, when i press the little green "run me" button in intelliJ, the running program to pick up and use this file (in the project structure)


However, when i press that green run button, intelliJ 12 is giving me this error:

Resource not found on classpath using context ClassLoader: some_folder/some_xml.xml

In an attempt to resolve, this, I have this in my Settings:Compiler: Resource patterns


note the penultimate xml entry.

I also unchecked the "use external build" button. I do not know what it means or does, but I read somewhere that it should not be used.

I also have these (among other entries) in Project Structure:Modules: Sources tab


Marked in blue (sources) under the Source Folders heading.

There is no fancy pom.xml for this project - it is an old legacy project. If i add a pom.xml to resolve this, where would i put it, what would i put in it (in entirety) and would i need to tell intelliJ i now have a pom.xml?

EDIT ok, so intelliJ can find the file when i refer to it as


but will not find it if it is reffered to as


I think this is the real issue - how do i resolve this?

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Are using it for android development? –  kostas ch. Jun 11 '13 at 13:00
Please share a sample project that reproduces this problem. –  CrazyCoder Jun 11 '13 at 14:13
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src/config needs to be configured in the project as a resources folder. In the project tray, right click /src/config and select "Mark Directory As" -> "Source Root"

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